Portfolio of Projects -- some are dated, however, others will have beautiful new design and functionality very shortly!

McKenzie Place Condominium

Suburban Pittsburgh Condominium Community
Project 01

Low-cost, very functional

McKenzie Place began as just an informational website for the community -- with photos, announcements for Memorial Day Pool opening and occasional events. Today, it is much more functional with important announcements, e-forms for residents to make "repair requests" and complete documentation that is important to the community management group -- very few paper forms.

  • Client: McKenzie Place Condominium
  • Role: Developer / e-Forms Manager / Regular Maintenance
  • Year: 1998-2012

Safentry LLC

Pittsburgh-based Integrated Security Solutions
Project 02

Seven videos demonstrate current and the Safentry Solution

Client had started out (2003) with a site that was completely Flash driven. With today's newer technologies and resources, site was renovated to be suitable for mobile devices.

  • Client: Safentry LLC
  • Role: Developer / Host / Maintenance
  • Year: 2003-Present

Castle Farms

A Private Horse Farm, McDonald, PA
Project 03

jQuery Slidertron - Forms

A web presence to showcase riding events and activities.

  • Client: Castle Farms
  • Role: Developer / Host / Maintenance
  • Year: 2013-Present

McRay Landscaping & Stone Contractors

Project 04

Flash Banners - JavaScript

Basic informational site.

  • Client: McRay Landscaping & Stone Contractors, McMurray, PA
  • Role: Design / Development / Hosting / Photography
  • Year: 2005-2010

Bridgeville Police Department

Bridgeville, Pennsylvania
Bridgeville Police Department

Informational Site

Good information for community residents -- Kid's Corner, and many external resources. Renovation coming soon.

  • Client: Bridgeville Police Department
  • Role: Site Development / Hosting / Maintenance
  • Year: 2010-Present

Bridgeville Borough

Bridgeville, PA
Bridgeville Borough

Bridgeville Borough

This project is scheduled to begin renovation shortly and become the "flagship" of our portfolio. It requires frequent maintenance and over time has grown significantly. The renovation will re-evaluate and reorganize existing material and implement new technologies for easier readership and locating "what's new?"

  • Client: Bridgeville Borough
  • Role: Design / Development / Photography / Hosting / Maintenance
  • Year: 2003-2018

About Pittsburgh Points West

Having operated a Business Support and Communications Center in Indiana, PA from 1984 through 1990, and observing how technology was evolving -- making a transition to web technology seemed to be the next step to grow and learn. And, have some fun!

After five years in a role of Executive Support in Corporate America, by 1998, my career in the world-wide web became more defined. Many classes later in design/development, scripting and coding helped me to launch my first municipality site.


I spent five more years in Corporate America -- and the web continues to evolve, even more quickly. With more connected devices, tablets, and smart phones, and more browsers, it becomes quite complex to assure an optimal experience for everyone. Important decisions are made whether to use some outside resources and design tools for the "best" solutions -- each project is different.

Enjoy the portfolio and email us and share with us about a new site or renovation of an existing site you are considering.

Many thanks to Type & Grids for this Portfolio framework! It really opened my eyes and makes me look at coding in a brand new way. Yvonne Hervol, Pittsburgh Points West